Projects-BluePrint PCM

Projects-BluePrint PCM

Projects & Services

We provide a range of services related to the desgn, development and delivery of projects. Our team skill sets span over 80 years of experience.

Freelance Project Management Training
  •      AssociatPM - Education Training, Education (
  •     Teaching - University of Manchester (MACE)
  •     Consultancy - Education Programmes for   Developing Partners     
  •     Advisory services to Corporate Clients, engaged with People Development
  •     Bespoke Training Solutions (PM related)

 Project Management Services
  •      Project Delivery Role - Commercial/Non-for-Profit Organisations  
  •     Managing Project Finances (Start to Finish), for Project  
  •     Project Planning, Project Team Recruitment
  •     Project Assessment [ie. Risk Assessment, Gap Analysis, Skills Shortages
  •     Project Evaluation -  Measuring Delivered Outcomes
  •     International Services, inc Innovative Business Solutions
  •     Bespoke Project Managements Solutions
  •     Assets Client Services -  Managing personal portfolios
  •     Contract Procurement and Development -  Refurbishment, New Build
  •     Partners / Solutions - Project Funds - Bid Writing
  •     Business Acquisition - new co, repro, administration, going-concern
  •     Property Acquisition - Commercial, Portfolio's, Hotels etc
  •     Land Acquisition & Development Projects - off-market offers - UK/international


1. Raising Finance eg. 1.2mill for a  New Build; US $500k for a Seed Capital - New Company; US  $30mill for Iron Ore Mine Extraction
2. Consultancy Services - Working with Corporate and Private Clients seeking support and advice to successful conclusion
3. Raising Private Project Funding for clients - 100,000 to 2mill
4. Create and Develop Innovative Business Solutions for clients andMarket Entry points
5. Currently, major Refurbishmnet Project in Northampton (2mill)
6. Developed and facilitated appropriate financial instruments for projects ie. construction, humanitarian, film, organisational develipment, product name a few

Many further projects cannot be listed due to confidentiality.