About Us-BluePrint PCM

About Us-BluePrint PCM

About Us

Background to Blueprintpcm

The Blueprint PCM team has extensive experience in a number of public and private commercial sectors. With strategic and operation delivery of projects across sectors including construction, telecommunications, retail, financial services, healthcare, engineering and world aid projects. Including the design, development and project management of large or small projects, by adopting a unique mentoring mechanism to enhance delivery with clients and ensure appropriate methodologies are implemented.
The passed 19 years, BLUEPRINTPCM have been involved in a number of initiatives with clients across the globe. With increasingly pressure to be in the forefront of development and ahead of the game. BLUEPRINTPCM Ltd has launched a series of new dynamic concepts.  These concepts are formed from a foundation of key, skills, competencies and knowledge areas which have been capitalised, utilised and provided the opportunity for BLUEPRINTPCM to become a key integral part of organisational development, business growth. All educational and training programmes have now been located with "Associatepm".

Blueprintpcm Ltd Vision:

“Delivering change through partnership"

 Blueprintpcm Ltd objectives are:
  • To engage with end-to-end partners  to successful negotiate business transactions.
  • To assist, aid & facilitate structured processes within areas of business operation.
  • To operate across international boundaries, which exhibit growth potential & opportunity to successfully close “the deal”. 
  • To Strategically Synthesise client governance to product/service delivery. 
  • To enjoy the challenge of business.