BPa8 OOD Ltd, was established in Bulgaria 2013 to deliver Professional Services to a number of Projects. Co-Founder, by two Strategic Innovators, in Business, in Information Technology. in Finance and "thinkers" wishing to change delivery of projects and services, across multiple barriers.

With our Team, based in Sofia, managing the day to day actives, we have a number of consultants, developers and Marketers, working globally to assist in the Operational delivery of our services.

Two of our key Strategic projects, include:

1. BPa8 Lead Generation
2. Krask Telecom

BPa8 Lead Generation, working with a developed solution with Arbitrage, facilitates:

•We are in the capacity of increasing your payday loans leads to ensure quality traffic for loan applications.
•At our company a multi-pronged approach for lead generation is taken for quality not just quantity.
•This  includes targeted emails, search engine optimization, viral and social media marketing.
•Our publishers will provide  marketing methods do you use to generate traffic, for example: SEO, SMM, Mobile, Email, various different online adverts.
•Traffic is directed to Offers or posted va API using iframe and direct landing pages.
•We are in the capacity of increasing your payday loans leads. These are  generated via emails, search engine optimization and social media marketing which ensures quality loan traffic.
•We are a start-up project for lead generation we do online marketing for websites, and generate short form leads mainly but are pushing off with a few payday leads which we want to push through to networks.

Krask Telecom, facilitates:

•"Global Connectivity", as an  international service provider,  allows us to offer terminate calls from hundreds of telecoms to more than 100 countries.
•Providing transit services of international calls between telecoms, using public Internet, VPN and TDM connections, is a start to achieving our aim.
•Our customers are national and international providers of voice services to its end-users. For Example; PSTN, GSM, CDMA carriers, international telephony service providers, calling cards service companies, call-shops and pc2phone service providers.
•Krask Telecom (part of BPA8 OOD Ltd) has partnered with worldwide carriers to provide customers  with international A-Z termination.