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"The challenge in life and in business, sometimes, is to find the right solution or take action to enable you to move forward"

Kully Kalon MBA, BA, PgDip, FMAAT, FE Cert, PM Cert (oxon), IDPM(Cambs)

Blueprintpcm key changes now provides a clear direction of the company to expand it provision and services. Our Training & Education provision has now been placed within Associatepm. Including our Project Management Consultancy Services.In additional creating and developing Business Development Projects.

Whereas the remainder of the business is now focused on Capital Projects, Innovative Business Development (Internationally) Blueprintpcm will focus on specific services for private clients. With a growth in recent months of Partners, we have brokered some exclusive off-market transactions. Including access to selective project solutions, capacity building vehicles and company formation. In addition, providing representation services for UK & international clients developing JV projects in the construction/land/property industry and assisting clients to acquire assets. In some instances we have worked independantly or in collaboration with strategic partners.

 To learn more about our International services, Solutions and our property offers (commercial / residential), contact us for a confidential chat on +44 (0)7803 940869

    Freelance Project Management Training

    •  AssociatPM - Education Training, Education
    • Teaching - University of Manchester (MACE)
    • Consultancy - Education Programmes for   Developing Partners 
    •  Advisory services to Corporate Clients, engaged with People Development,
    • Bespoke Training Solutions (PM related)

     Project Management Services

    •  Project Delivery Role
      • [Commercial/Non-for-Profit Organisations]
    •  Managing Project Finances (Start to Finish), for Project
    •  Project Planning, Project Team Recruitment
    • Project Assessment [ie. Risk Assessment, Gap Analysis, Skills Shortages
    •  Project Evaluation
      • [Measuring Delivered Outcomes]
    • International Services, inc Innovative Business Solutions
    •  Bespoke Project Managements Solutions
    • Assets Client Services
      • [Managing personal portfolios]
    •  Contract Procurement and Development
      • [Refurbishment, New Build]
    • Partners / Solutions - Project Funds - Bid Writing
    •  Business Acquisition
      •  [new co, repro, administration, going-concern]
    • Property Acquisition
      • [Commercial, Portfolio's, Hotels etc]
    •  Land Acquisition & Development Projects
      • [off-market offers - UK/international]

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